Diadoo Studio was founded in 2003  as a wholly owned, independently operated painting service of Steven Diadoo. Headquartered in Minnesota, we focus exclusively on providing fine painting and plastering to residential, commercial and hospitality.

We have a client base that ranges from Interior Designers, CEOs, Presidents, Executives, Doctors, Parents, Single Homeowners, Nurses, and Stay-at-home Moms. Our experienced team works closely with each of our clients to customize solutions for their design needs with our creative approach to coatings.

Since our firm’s inception, we have been committed to delivering what it is we say we will deliver: master craftsmanship and exceptional client service.

The Name Diadoo


The Diadoo family (pronounced dee-ah-dew) immigrated from Mahe, the largest island of the Seychelles(French: Republique des Seychelles, Creole: Repiblik Sesel). The islands of the Seychelles  (The Lost Garden of Eden) are known for being one of the most beautiful, and inspiring, places on Earth. Diadoo Studio was named after it’s founder, Steven Diadoo, who’s family moved to the US in 1983 in search of freedom.

He created the service upon strategically well-chosen, classic painting techniques, and timeless architectural coatings. He incorporated new ideas and technologies with his passion for pleasing aesthetics. Inspired by the beauty he left half a world away.

“As specialists in paint and plaster, I chose “Diadoo” as our firm name because the Diadoo family history embodies beliefs we hold to be true in our art as well: that great ideas stem from remaining faithful to freedom, passion and inspiration, while incorporating new ideas and strategies that are applicable to our ever changing environment.” Steven Gilbert Diadoo